Life Clock

    Friend's father was dying, a friend called me from abroad , let me help him .
    I knew what he meant , even with the fastest speed , he can only come back in four hours later , while his father , has been impossible to survive four hours .
    Rushed to the hospital to see a friend 's father covered in wires and tubes , being rapid breathing . Bed, around full of sadness relatives.
    Then a friend 's father rampage , his eyes closed, his hands grasping at random . I heard him shouting indistinctly friend 's name.
    Everyone was looking at me , eyes full of helpless look . I walked over and gently grabbed his hand , I said, I, I'm back.
    Friend's father immediately quiet down, facial expression becomes serene. But only after a while children , he again became manic , he let go of my hand , continue to grasp at random .
    I know, I can not fool him. No one better than he knows his son .
    So I told him that his son is still abroad, but four hours later , they can definitely come back . I told my friend 's father said , I promise.
    I saw his relatives frightened eyes .
    But a friend 's father was quiet again , and then his head , trying to one direction crooked , an eagerly raised his hand .
    I noticed that the direction of the wall, hang a clock.
    My friend's father said it was now one ten . Five ten , your son will come .
    Friend's father put down his hand , I saw him a long sigh of relief, even though his eyes closed, but I can almost feel his expectant eyes .
    Every ten minutes , I would have grabbed his hand , told him at what time . Four hours every ten minutes to be neatly divided , sometimes I feel that he is about to leave , but it was always one of the ten minutes recall .
    Friend finally arrived at the hospital, he grabbed his father 's hand , he said, is me, I'm back. I saw a friend 's father, the outflow from the closed eyes two drops of tears meet , and then quietly leave.
    Friend's father , in order to wait for his son , in order to listen to the voice of his son , survived the last of his life is the longest four hours . Each one doctor said , incredible.
    Later, I think that if his son back in five hours before , then he can continue to survive one hour ?
    I think it will. Last moment of life , so that he could not bear to leave the family .
    Yo family, every life of the world clock.